Friday, February 13, 2015


THE GREATEST SUCCESS. The greatest success that you can achieve is to beat your own record. Don't ask yourself:"Am I doing better than my neighbor?" Instead, ask: "Am I doing my best?" It isn't your neighbour's talents that you can control and use--you have only your own to work with. Never stop trying.When you have reached One gold ,set yourself a new one. Muster all your resources--your talent,ability,initiative--and with renewed energy and inspiration accept the challenge to go one mile farther on the road to achievement. This way leads to your growth;each forward step makes the next step easier. There is no end to the achievement. possible to the person who conquers each obstacle as it presents itself. (quote)(Theophilos Mantzanas,Ph.D)(unquote: Oh Ineed You, I miss You.Meet Me in The Garden ,<a href="">VALENTINES</a>

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy And Safe Holiday To All

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